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Wren Steiner

DOP / Cinematographer, Stills Photographer

Career Summary

Wren is a commercial photographer & cinematographer providing documentary-style imagery that is expertly crafted and grounded in realism. He has been in the industry since 2006. His documentary-style background enables him to capture images that are a true expression of a moment, something that’s often missed in modern commercial photography. Wren has a thoughtful and practical approach to his work. His affable, unpretentious nature and absolute commitment to his vocation inspires confidence and brings out the best in the talent he works with. He works closely with agencies, productions and brands to create the best possible results to complement their briefs. Wren has worked and lived internationally. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia with his partner and children, a little too much dark chocolate and the occasional nip of single malt.



Music Video - The Ugly Kings

Commercial - Norby's World

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2022, PRAGUE MUSICI VIDEO AWARDS, Czech Republic, Do you feel like you're paranoid?
  • 2020, AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, Australia, Portrait
  • 2020, HEADON AWARDS, Australia, Portrait
  • 2008, PROJECTIONS, Australia, Small Series

Special and Technical Skills

For a full overview of work visit - I have a wide selection of Nikon camera equipment, Broncolor flash equipment and Aputure LED equipment.

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