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Augusto Mallmann

Director, Editor, Writer

Career Summary

Augusto Mallmann is a Latino-Australian director whose works include National Geographic Cosmos Interstitials with Ann Druyan, DZ Deathrays: Like People, The Relentless Series with Anna Meares, and A Private Session.

His music video ‘Like People’ was nominated Australian Music Video of the Year at the J Awards 2018, as well as ranked #2 at Rage FIFTY 2018, only behind Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’.

Raised in the Digital Age of cinema, Guss took an alternative approach to most filmmakers at the time, learning to shoot and edit in celluloid film, having mastered the use of Steenbecks and 16 and 35mm cinema cameras.

Guss's directing style can be described as carrying numerous underlying layers of interpretation, carried through a minimalist, seductive, and often humorous aesthetic.

His productions have been picked by several film festivals worldwide, as well as seen by audiences in the tens of millions.

In his spare time, Guss loves to travel, play music, paint and collect vintage lenses.


DZ Deathrays: Like People

The Relentless Series with Anna Meares

A Private Session

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2023, Cannes Lions Grand Prix, France, Samsung Flipvertising Case Study
  • 2019, CLIPPED Music Video Festival, Australia, DZ Deathrays: Like People
  • 2018, J Awards, Australia, DZ Deathrays: Like People
  • 2018, Byron Bay Int’l Film Festival, Australia, DZ Deathrays: Like People
  • 2018, Napoli Film Festival, Italy, DZ Deathrays: Like People
  • 2017, Macabro: Mexico City Int’l Horror Film Festival, Mexico, A Private Session
  • 2017, Cardiff Int’l Film Festival, UK, A Private Session
  • 2017, Fake Flesh Film Fest, Canada, A Private Session
  • 2017, Big Terror Horror Short Film Festival, USA, A Private Session
  • 2016, Bogotá Int’l Short Film Festival (Bogoshorts), Colombia, A Private Session
  • 2011, MVMU National Awards, Australia, No More Heroes

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2012, AFTRS, Australia, Graduate Certificate in VFX
  • 2014, Metro Screen, Australia, Certificate IV in Screen and Media, Assistant Director Scholarship
  • 2004, PUCRS, Brazil, Bachelor of Social Communication, Honours in Advertising
  • 2009, JMC Academy, Australia, Diploma of Popular Music and Performance
  • 2011, Australian Pacific College, Australia, Diploma of Management
  • 2010, Australian Pacific College, Australia, Certificate IV in Marketing

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