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Cody Graefe

Art Department Assistant, Graphic Designer

Career Summary

I’ve been working in the film & TV industry for the last year specialising in Graphic Design was well as assisting the Art Department with the creation of props and dressings for set design. Coming from a commercial background in Graphic Design, I’ve had experience creating branding, advertising campaigns, digital graphics, website design, art directing and much more. Being adaptive to my environment often forces me to incorporate new technology into my work such as introducing the use of AI generated images into set design which has saved past production companies thousands of dollars in stock image subscriptions. Another use of technology I’ve incorporated into the use of my work is interactive graphics that can be designed and altered for the productions needs and can be used across multiple devices including computers, phones and tablets. I’m currently based in Melbourne but am very happy to travel for future projects.

Professional Credits

Special and Technical Skills

I specialise in graphic design however over the past few projects I've have had my role expand to interactive graphics, set design, technical assistance, creation of props and dressings, 3D modelling, printing management and art direction. I'm open to learn new skills along my journey and always look to learn a new skill.

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