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Dan Stone

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Career Summary

Beginning in 2018 I worked my way through the WA Film Industry, with COVID forcing Me to step up to 1st AC due to lack of crew and closed borders. By the end of pandemic I was the 2nd most employed 1st AC in Perth, WA. Mid-2022 I ventured to the east coast to upskill in equipment & knowledge not locally available, which led to 4 months working across short and long form. I returned to WA for 3 months for my first Feature as A-CAM 1st AC with a DOP I have worked with for years. This was the spring board to make the permanent move in April 2023 to the east coast and I have been working here ever since.

Professional Credits

Professional Memberships

  • Professional Film Crew of Western Australia, 2023

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2023, Shotclass, Australia, Remote & Geared Head Intensive Operating Workshop
  • 2020, ACS Western Australia, Australia, ARRI Super 16 SRII Loading Workshop
  • 2019, ACS Queensland, Australia, 16 & 35mm Film Loading Workshop
  • 2016, Murdoch University, Australia, Graduate Diploma in Media Production
  • 2014, Murdoch University, Australia, Bachelor Degree in Screen Production
  • 2013-15, Rotary Club Youth Program of Enrichment, Australia, Camp Leader
  • 2012, Rotary Club Youth Leadership Award, Australia, Camp Participant
  • 2010, Woodvale Senior High School, Australia, Certificate of Graduation

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