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Krina Vronti

Art and Production Design, Assistant Production Designer, Graphic Designer

Krina Vronti

Art and Production Design, Assistant Production Designer, Graphic Designer

Career Summary

Owed to a wealth of multidisciplinary creative experience for over 10 years, I have worked on multi-scaled projects for advertising, film / tv, arts, and publishing in collaboration with film and tv production companies and design offices that hold an acclaimed background in projects for their quality and achievement in the commercial and cultural world. My design roles mainly involved creative art direction, illustration, and technical implementation within the parameters of designing for spaces, installations, graphics, and illustration for the screen industry.

Professional Credits

Education & Other Accreditation

  • SEP 2021, South Australian Film Corporation, Australia, Upskilling foundation program
  • DEC 2001, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UAL), United Kingdom, Masters of Arts
  • MAY 2001, Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance, United Kingdom, Bachelor of Arts

Special and Technical Skills

In terms of creative and technical development, my skilled experience led me to supervise and convey the setup of film sets, events, and exhibitions with set design visualization, graphic design, and the art direction of moving image. During the design process I work on a wide range of skills as; research, conceptual drawing, spatial planning, location recording, design development, model and prop making to detail design, illustration, typography and layout, finished art, and construction drawing. During the stages of the production process, I attend production meetings and follow up regularly with technical specialists from construction, lighting, multimedia, and printers for the desired 2d or 3d design outcome.

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