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Luda Smelyanskaya

Assistant Location Manager, Assistant Producer, Production Coordinator

Career Summary

I'm a dedicated and enthusiastic professional with 4+ years of industrial experience, strongly motivated to produce engaging stories and compelling video content for a target audience. I'm looking forward to applying my multi-skills and producing diverse projects.

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2012, International Orthodox Film Festival, Europe, My Dear Aliki
  • 2012, International Youth Film Festival:, Europe, My Dear Aliki
  • 2012, Saint Anna, Europe, My Dear Aliki
  • 2012, Short Film Festival: The First Step, Europe, My Dear Aliki
  • 2012, Okno Filnm Fest, Europe, Me Dear Aliki
  • 2011, Saint Anna, Europe, Like in Dream
  • 2011, Okno Film Fest, Europe, Like in Dream
  • 2011, Krasnoyarsky International Film Festival, Europe, Like in Dream

Professional Memberships

  • The Documentary Film and Television Guild (Russia), 2012-2016

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2019-2021, The VCA Film and TV, The University of Melbourne, Australia, Master of Producing
  • 2013, Academy of Cinematography and Theatre Arts, Europe, Diploma
  • 2007- 2012, GITR Film and TV, Europe, Bachelor of Arts, Documentary Film Directing

Special and Technical Skills

Managing and supervising the entire production workflow from pre-production to production and post-production. Organising and maintaining project documentation, arranging permits and negotiating agreements, preparing safety plans for assessment, and budget management. Yamdu, Studio Binder, Microsoft Excel (A-Z budget)

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