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Richard Kendall

DOP / Cinematographer, 3D Artist

Career Summary

Richard Kendall - AUSTRALIA Director of Photography DOP. With over 13 years in the News Media, Commercial, Multi-Camera Array systems and Scientific imaging industry. His passionate and empathetic approach to projects has lead to him working on major TV Commercials, Multimedia films, Feature films. With a strong commitment to visual story storytelling, creative and high-quality imagery, He has developed a very technical skillset and a strong eye, he easily adapts to new challenges. 2020 awards include ACS GOLD, 2 x ACS Silver and a Bronze awards, from the Australian Cinematographers Society. He works with many international directors and develops multi-camera array imaging techniques for film. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Scientific Photography) from RMIT University Melbourne.


Cadillac - 凯迪拉克

Road Safety Commission - Distance of Distraction


Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2020, ACS Gold, Victoria & Tasmanian Award, Australia, John Bowring ACS Station Breaks & promos.

Professional Memberships

  • ACS , 2016

Special and Technical Skills

Cinematography, Digital Double Photogrammetry, Bullet-Time, Volumetric Capture, TVC campaigns.

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