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Andrew Kelly


Career Summary

Andrew is an accomplished Film Producer with a rich history of successful projects in both the Film & TV industry and the corporate sector, focusing on communication and learning productions. As a Producer at Beyondedge, he has consistently demonstrated strong business management skills, encompassing strategic planning, financial acumen, and proficient project management. Andrew possesses a remarkable ability to deliver projects punctually and within budget, underpinned by his unwavering attention to detail and astute risk management capabilities, ensuring projects consistently surpass expectations. Andrew's expertise extends beyond production, encompassing essential impact-producing skills that are pivotal in fostering crucial partnerships, engaging stakeholders, orchestrating events, and executing comprehensive marketing and digital marketing strategies.


'How to Thrive' Official Trailer

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2023, Best Documentary - Athens AIMAFF Festival, Greece, How to Thrive
  • 2023, Best Health Film - Cannes World Film Festival, France, How to Thrive
  • 2023, Best Feature Documentary - Fort Smith International Film Festival, USA, How to Thrive
  • 2023, Best Spiritual Film - Toronto Documentary Festival, Canada, How to Thrive
  • 2023, Award of Merit (Documentary Feature) – Impact DOCS Awards, UK, How to Thrive
  • 2018, Best Sitcom – Minnesota Web Fest, USA, Sexy Herpes
  • 2018, Best Ensemble – London Short Series, UK, Sexy Herpes
  • 2018, Best International Narrative – NZ Web Fest, New Zealand, Sexy Herpes

Special and Technical Skills

Experienced Film Producer with a Proven Track Record in Film & TV and Corporate Industries Producer at Beyondedge, specialising in Business Management, Project Execution, and Impact Producing

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