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Torus Games Pty Ltd

Torus Games Pty Ltd

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Contact info

9780 4811
52-62 Stud Road
Bayswater 3153
52-62 Stud Road
Bayswater 3153

Company Summary

Highly skilled and talented computer game development business with over 120 titles, developing products on all consumer platforms. Strengths include state-of-the-art, cross-platform technology, commitment to quality and a veteran development team.

Professional Credits

Festivals and Events

  • 2008 Victorian Export Awards - Winner (Arts & Entertainment), Torus Games, Australia
  • 2007 Victorian Export Awards - Commendation, Torus Games, Australia


  • 2008 GDAA Industry Awards, Best PC Title, Monster Jam, PC, Australia
  • 2008 GDAA Industry Awards, Best Handheld Title, Zoo Hosptial, DS, Australia
  • 2002 IGN Best Handheld Shooter, 2nd Place, Doom II for GBA, Australia
  • 2002 IGN Best of E3 Award for Best GBA First Person Shooter Game, 1st Place, Duke Nuken Advance, Australia
  • 2000 AGDC Best Use of a Disney Character, 1st Place, The Lion King, Australia

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