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Adrienne Couper Smith

Intimacy Coordinator

Career Summary

Adrienne (she/her) is a certified Intimacy Coordinator trained through Intimacy Professionals Association (IPA) under the direction and continuing mentorship of Amanda Blumenthal. Her training was backed and supported by Screen Australia’s Enterprise Program and she is recognised and vetted by SAG-AFTRA through placement on their IC registry. Working across both TV and Film, some of her most recent IC credits include feature films, “This Closeness” (SWSW), “Riley”, “Fractures”, “Uninhabited”, “The Painted” and shorts “Tuī Ná” (MIFF), “Scotty’s Vag” (SWSW) and “Scorpio”. Classically trained as an actor, Adrienne’s work as an Intimacy Coordinator is preceded by 20+ years working both in front and behind the camera and a background in dance She holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama & Film) from Deakin University (Aus), is a graduate from 16th Street Actors Studio (Aus) and completed core improv studies at Upright Citizens Brigade (LA). She has worked in various production offices including Network Ten and Princess Pictures, and was a creative producer at Women & Film. Her experience in these fields gives her an attuned knowledge of actors needs and process whilst understanding and considering the pace and creative needs for the director and production at large. Furthermore she specialises in choreography, script analysis and is a lover of Indie Films and Comedy. She strongly believes that the addition of an Intimacy Coordinator greatly empowers our industry and the art of storytelling. By giving time and attention to shoring up the safety and consent of actors performing intimate scenes, we free ourselves to explore and further strengthen the story and it’s characters. Adrienne is a dual citizen of Australia & USA and has worked on project in Melbourne, LA & NYC

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2020, Screen Australia, Australia, Enterprise People Funding - Intimacy Coordinator Training & Certification

Professional Memberships

  • SAG AFTRA, 2018
  • AEA, 2020

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2022, SAG - AFTRA, USA, Intimacy Coordinators Registry
  • 2020, Intimacy Professionals Association, USA, Intimacy Coordinator Certification
  • 2019, Upright Citizens Brigade, USA, Improv Core Studies
  • 2011, 16th St Actors Studio, Australia, Graduate Program
  • 2008, Deakin University, Australia, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama + Film)

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