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Harry Lochhead

Music Arranger, Music Composer, Music Editor

Career Summary

Harry Lochhead is a composer / producer living in Melbourne. Preferring to take a less conventional approach to composing, he likes to keep it experimental, dynamic and playful, an attitude that results in compelling and affecting compositions. He draws on many influences, tapping into a wide range of sounds to produce diverse and unique music for his projects, personal (lono sen, small prey) and professional. Harry has worked on a number of short films, animations, and art installations throughout Australia. In 2019, he contributed to the feature film, ‘A Family’, which premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival to positive critical response. His work is evocative, unusual, and moving.

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2019, MIFF, Australia, A Family

Special and Technical Skills

Music composition, production, editing, arrangement, sound design.

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