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Jason Tsitsopoulos

Production Assistant

Jason Tsitsopoulos

Production Assistant

Career Summary

I have extensive experience as a Locations Production Assistant in Vancouver, Canada. Looking to transition to Melbourne/rest of Australia. Biggest production I have worked on is $200+ million for Apple TV and the lowest about $1.5 million for Hallmark. All union. Within the rolls as a PA I have done prep, shoot, wrap, van driving as a key PA, green (Eco PA) and polling. My background is as an English Teacher to foreign students (ESL) and I majored in English and Marketing. Therefore, I communicate clearly, effectively and with respect.

Professional Credits

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2010, Monash, Australia, Bachelor of Arts/Business (Marketing)
  • 2015, Milner College, Australia, Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults

Special and Technical Skills

English Teacher (4.5 years)

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