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Jennna Cosgrove

Producer, Scriptwriter, Writer

Jennna Cosgrove

Producer, Scriptwriter, Writer
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Resurgence Productions Pty Ltd

Career Summary

Jenna is a Melbourne-based writer, producer, and director. Her Screen Australia-funded web series, 2121, stars Gary Sweet (The Pacific) and Briar Rose (AMC’s The Dead Lands). She has written numerous feature scripts and countless short scripts, and is currently focused on series - both web and traditional. Apart from 2121, she also produced the factual series Masters at Work for The 8 Percent, which premiered on Virgin Australia. In 2018 Jenna produced the feature film Nova Star for Strongman Pictures, alongside stalwart director Daniel Armstrong. Also with a passion for fiction, her novel TATTOO was published in 2016. The book trailer she produced for the novel was nominated for a prestigious Golden Trailer award in LA, alongside such companies as Netflix and HBO. Her interests mainly revolve around hard genre (she was named after a character from cult 70s sci-fi show, Blakes 7!), and anything with originality and edge.

Professional Credits

  • 2018, Masters at Work, Domestic, Web Series /, Documentary, 50, The 8 Percent, Producer /
  • 2020, Nova Star, Domestic, Feature Films /, Science Fiction, 90, Strongman Pictures, Producer /
  • 2020, 2121, Domestic, Web Series /, Science Fiction, 70, Resurgence Productions, Writer /

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