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Sarah Joyce Irvine (Jaworski)

Associate Producer, Production Coordinator

Career Summary

A graduate of The University of Adelaide, Sarah has extensive experience across production and development in TV, Film & Online content in both Australia and the U.S. Her credits include 13 Reasons Why, Transformers: Bumblebee, Always be my Maybe, Wine Country along with local shows Clickbait and Aunty Donna 1999. Sarah has worked as a stage manager as well as in art, locations and production departments. In addition to her scripted work, Sarah has produced over 20 TVC's and delivered viral marketing campaigns for the Asia pacific region. Sarah joined Melbourne based Werner Film Productions in late 2020, working across projects such as The Newsreader (ABC), Surviving Summer (Netflix) and Crazy Fun Park (ABCMe). In her current role, Sarah coordinates the entire WFP slate, helping to guide projects from development through to production and post production delivery.

Professional Credits

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2009, University of Adelaide, Australia, Degree in Design

Special and Technical Skills

Prodicle & Move (Netflix in-house program) Ezy PO. Final Draft. Google Docs. Excel. InDesign. Illustrator. Photoshop. Project / Office Management. Contract (SAG) Generation. Call Sheet Generation. Accounting / Insurance Admin. Travel & Hotel Coordination. Client / Talent Coordination. Budget Management. Mud Maps. Movement Orders. Etc!

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