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Stephanie Leigh

Assistant Production Designer, Graphic Designer, 2D Artist

Career Summary

With a Master of Production Design for Screen and background as a visual artist, Stephanie Leigh incorporates her education in visual communication, period research and her own arts practice to deliver a well-studied and creative approach to concepts and graphics.

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2018, VCA Graduate Exhibition, Australia, Sleepless

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2018, AIT, Australia, Masterclass in Digital Narrative Painting
  • 2018, Victorian College of the Arts, Australia, Master of Production Design
  • 2008, Brisbane Institute of TAFE, Australia, Cert IV in Graphic Design

Special and Technical Skills

Versatile and adaptive, Stephanie Leigh's technical and artistic skills can be carried across any genre of production. Whether it be illustrating by hand, painting concept art in Photoshop, creating vector graphics for print and screen props in Illustrator, or stills photography. She has designed lookbooks for Production Designers to use for presentations with Directors and Producers, concept art to communicate tone, atmosphere, mood etc of a scene, designs for set pieces from three meter high stained glass windows to fountain design to electric-button wall panels. She has also created concept art for hero props which have then been manufactured.

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