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Stephanie Leigh

Assistant Production Designer, Graphic Designer, 2D Artist

Career Summary

As a versatile graphic designer with a passion for the captivating world of film and television, Stephanie Leigh is a design chameleon who thrives on adapting her artistic vision to suit any project's unique needs. With a keen eye for detail and a creative flair that knows no bounds, she relishes in crafting compelling visual experiences that seamlessly blend storytelling and aesthetics.

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2022, APDG Awards (Graphic Design Award), Australia, New Gold Mountain
  • 2023, APDG Awards (Graphic Design Award), Australia, Crazy Fun Park

Professional Memberships

  • APDG, 2022, 2023

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2018, Victorian College of the Arts, Australia, Master of Production Design
  • 2018, AIT, Australia, Masterclass in Digital Narrative Painting
  • 2014, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Bachelor of Creative Industries
  • 2008, Brisbane Institute of TAFE, Australia, Cert IV in Graphic Design

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