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Beau Oakley

Boom Operator, Sound Assistant, Sound Recordist

Career Summary

My Career started in 2012 but it was only small tastes of what I would later realise was my life's ambition. I completed study in 2015 and only managed to purchase my own kit late 2017. Since then, my career has exploded. While previous years had seen short film projects perform well (always short-listed, always top 10) it was Tropfest 2018 that allowed me to work on a winner. I completed my first feature film and have since added dozens more to my filmography. I have worked with brands such Porsche, Mercedes, Tiktok, Sportsbet and Lite 'n' Easy within the Advertising space, I have been the recording engineer for The Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the last 3 years running, and I continue to work on narrative series in the form of Features, TV series and Webseries when I am able.


Two Piece

Trip for Biscuits Trailer

Showreel 2022

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2023, Antenna Awards, Australia, Good Tucker
  • 2023, Flickerfest, Australia, Game Face
  • 2018, Tropfest (Winner), Australia, Two Piece
  • 2014, Colchester 60 Hour Film Challenge (Top 11 Short List), UK, Normal People
  • 2014, 24 Hour Film Race (Top 9 Short List), USA, Roomies
  • 2012, 48 Hour Film Festival (Top 8 Short List), Australia, If a Tree Falls in a Silent Film

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2015, JMC Academy, Australia, Audio Engineering and Sound Production Diploma

Special and Technical Skills

Sound Recording, Boom Operating, Invisible Lav Miking, High Quality Audio, Stereo Atmos, Professional On-Set Experience.

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