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Hall Of Light Productions Pty Ltd

Hall Of Light Productions Pty Ltd

Company Summary

Short Films Truckie (Dec 07) – Drama/Suspense - Director of Photography A Road movie with a difference Feature Films Meat Pie (Mar 06) - Teen Comedy - behind the scenes, DOP, Writers Assist Australian Version of American Pie 35mm Film Good Luck With That (Aug 06) – Action - Camera Operator Action Extravaganza with the most stunts since Mad Max. The Pitch (Sep 07) – Drama Comedy - Camera Operator Kids try and save their beloved cricket pitch from corporate takeover.

Professional Credits

  • 2016, The System, Domestic, Feature Films /, Drama, 107mins, Ayravision
  • 2011, Brush, Domestic, Feature Films /, Drama, 90mins, Altermain Productions
  • 2011, Up the Aisle, Domestic, Feature Films /, Drama, 96mins, Pogman Productions
  • 2007, The Pitch, Domestic, Feature Films /, Drama, 84mins, Hall of Light Producitons Pty Ltd
  • 2006, Good Luck With That, Domestic, Feature Films /, Drama, 76mins, Breckenback Productions
  • 2006, Meat Pie, Domestic, Feature Films /, Comedy, 84mins, Rayon

Festivals and Events

  • 2007 Cannes Shot Film Festival, The Haircut, France


  • 2007 Cannes Short Film Festival, Best Short Film, The Haircut, France


  • 2007 Cannes Short Film Festival, Sound, Australia


  • 2005 Sydney University, Master In Film and Digital Video, Australia

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