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Jacob Richards

Music Arranger, Music Composer, Musician

Career Summary

Jacob is a musician, composer and producer from Narrm/Melbourne, Australia, who performs live ambient electronic music under the artist name, Puscha. Jacob produces spacious, minimalist soundscapes and musical impressions, and has scored soundtracks for award winning films, utilizing a collection of various electronic, electric and acoustic instruments. With a fluid and interactive approach to process, Jacob embraces discovery of new sonic and expressive potential, performing with modular synthesizers, tape loops and samplers. Jacob also has a background in filmmaking with a Masters in Film Producing from the Victorian College of the Arts, and a passion for environmental and social issues. He has worked on projects that reflect these values, such as working as a producer with Sea Shepherd on their 11th Southern Ocean anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica in 2016, and performing as part of the upcoming Blue Mother Ocean Lake Khovsgol arts and environment tour in Mongolia. The natural world is deeply influential to Jacob's creative practices, which he brings to an audience through the use of minimalist documentary footage captured from around the world as projections that back his live performances, combining his film and music disciplines. He hopes that through his art he may inspire action in looking after our world and giving voice to those who should be heard.


Music Video - "Epithet"

Soundtrack Reel Clip - "Welcome to Hades"

Soundtrack Reel Clip - "Insomnolence"

Professional Credits

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Guild of Screen Composers, 2018

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2016, Victorian College of Arts, Australia, Masters of Film Producing
  • 2013, Box Hill Institute, Australia, Bachelor of Applied Business in Music Industry
  • 2009, Deakin University, Australia, Bachelor of Arts

Special and Technical Skills

Music, Composition, Music Editing, Audio, Sound Editing, Audio Mixing, Sound and Music Recording and Production, Sound Design, Film Producer, Production Manager, Assistant Director

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