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Scott McAulay

Career Summary

For 30 years I've had the privilege of blending my love of people with my passion for photography. I’ve photographed a diverse range of people in numerous countries. From 50 Cent in his NYC offices, to children playing in the dirt lanes of Soweto. I’ve photographed a world champion free diver, a WBC, IBF, & WBA title holding boxer, burlesque stars, boy bands, rappers, actors, sports people, business leaders, business owners, trades people, news readers, TV dramas, reality TV contestants & an SAS soldier turned mercenary. I’ve worked on location in jungles & lakes in Thailand, and biker bars in Southampton; on beaches in Spain, Australia, the Maldives & Nicaragua; in studios, hotels and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Zurich, Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne. My clients have ranged from telecoms & energy companies, fashion brands & advertising agencies to magazines & celebrities and I'm fluent at shooting all types of people in all situations. Whether working in a studio or on location, my talent lies in capturing a narrative behind each beautifully lit image. I started my career in Auckland, spent 12 years in London, and I'm now settled in Melbourne with my wife Georgina, our son Oscar, and our dog Annabelle.

Professional Credits

Special and Technical Skills

Over the last six years I’ve also regularly shot alongside directors and DOP’s on film and television sets to capture marketing campaigns, publicity images, and unit stills for broadcasters, television productions, and advertising clients.

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