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Ben Bomitali

2016: Everyday Gourmet Domestic Cooking Show 3eps x 21 mins H Squared Sound Recordist
2016: Melbourne Arts Centre Domestic Commercial 30secs Truce Films Sound Recordist
2016: The Goddamn Election with John Safran Domestic Documentary 60mins Princess Pictures Sound Recordist
2015: Hunters International Sci Fi, Drama 60mins Valhalla Entertainment Boom Operator
2015: Open Slather Domestic Comedy 60mins Princess Pictures / Rick McKenna Entertainment Sound Recordist
2015: Spin Out Domestic Romantic Comedy 92mins Stella Rose Productions / Redman Entertainment Boom Operator
2015 : Please Like Me International Drama/Comedy 25mins ABC / Pivot John & Josh Internationa Boom Operator
2015 : The Legend of Ben Hall Domestic Drama 134mins Emu Creek Pictures Sound Recordist
2015 : Pretty Little Things Domestic Thriller/Drama 120mins Independent Sound Recordist
2015 : On Track Domestic Documentary 60mins Channel 7 / Nice Bike Content Sound Recordist
2015 : #MyFamilyCan - SPC Domestic Commercial 30secs Pancho Sound Recordist
2015 : Jaggad x Woolmark Domestic Commercial 30secs The Sweet Shop Sound Recordist
2014 : The Subjects Domestic Sci Fi, Drama 60mins Instinct Entertainment Boom Operator
2014 : Sweatshop Domestic Drama/Comedy 60mins Marks Bros Production Sound Recordist
2014 : People Like Us Domestic Documentary 120mins Trade Creative Sound Recordist
2014 : Granny Smith Domestic Comedy 7mins Independent Sound Recordist
2014 : The Best Way to Kill Your Mother Domestic Drama/Comedy 10mins VCA Graduate Sound Recordist
2014 : Family Holiday Domestic Comedy 5mins Independent Sound Recordist
2014: Looking To Buy Domestic Comedy 12mins Independent Sound Recordist
2013 : Black Sabbath Live : Gathered In their Masses Domestic Live Music 30mins Independent Sound Recordist
2013 : Partisan Domestic Drama 94mins Whatever Group Sound Recordist
2013 : We’ve All Been There Domestic Drama 7mins Truce Films Sound Recordist
2012 : Ricochet Domestic Drama 10mins VCA Graduate Sound Recordist
2012: Mathilda Domestic Drama 7mins Scene On Sound Recordist
2012: Australia’s Got Talent - Genesis Opening Domestic Entertainment 1min Fremantle Media Australia Sound Recordist
2011 : Kin Domestic Drama 12mins VCA Graduate Sound Recordist
2011 : Silent Night Domestic Drama 15mins VCA Graduate Sound Recordist

Moxie Music

2009-2014 : From Parts Unknown Domestic Comedy 110mins Strongman Pictures
2012-2014 : Only The Young Die Good Domestic Drama 100mins Southside Productions
2014 : Spec Daddy Domestic Commercial 1min Kouzmin Geoforensics Pty
2014 : Zero Domestic Drama 15mins Howard Fine Acting Studio & Dioscuri Films
2013 : Heavy TV Domestic Factual / Documentary 15mins Heavy TV
2013 : Last Night Domestic Drama 15mins Howard Fine Acting Studio & Dioscuri Films
2009-2012 : The Pawn Domestic Drama 90mins Persistent Hack Pictures
2012 : Typo Domestic Comedy 6mins David Brand
2011 : Australian Design Awards Domestic Factual / Documentary 4mins Lightbox Films
2011 : Safety DVD For Epworth Hospital Domestic Factual / Documentary 4mins Southside Productions
2011 : Telstra Sales Kick Off - Senior Leadership Team Domestic Commercial 40mins C4LIVE
2009-2010 : Burlesque Domestic Drama 15mins Dank Films
2010 : Citizen Ja Li Domestic Drama 90mins GUNG HO Productions
2010 : Matchbreaker Domestic Drama 15mins Dark Heart Productions
2010 : Of Land and Bounty Domestic Drama 15mins Dark Heart Productions
2009: Australian Biker Build Off Domestic Factual / Documentary 120mins Threefold Films
2007-2009 : Bad Habits Domestic Drama 90mins Dank Films
2008-2009 : Bushranger Origins - The Victorian Era Domestic Factual / Documentary 80mins Associated Creative Talents
2009 : Dance Be In It Domestic Children's Dance Be In It
2009 : Indigo Domestic Educational Indigo TV
2009 : Insignia Domestic Drama 2mins Big And Little Films

Sean Genders (

2016: Kong: Skull Island International Action Legendary Pictures
2015: The Shallows Domestic Drama Sony Pictures
2015: Wandering Soul Domestic Horror
2015: Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales International Drama Disney
2014: Mako Mermaids Domestic Drama Jonathan M. Shiff Productions
2014 : The Water Diviner International Drama Hopscotch Features
2014 : San Andreas International Action New Line Cinema
2013 : Mad Max Fury Road (Sydney) Domestic Drama Kennedy Miller Productions
2012 : Wolf Creek 2 Domestic Drama
2012 : Mad Max Fury Road (Namibia, Africa) Domestic Drama Kennedy Miller Productions
2012 : I, Frankenstein International Drama Lakeshore Entertainment
2012 : Go, Goa, Gone Domestic Drama
2011: Mrs Biggs Domestic Drama December Media
2011: 'Crawlspace' Domestic Drama Crawlspace Productions
2011: 'Fly by Night' Domestic Drama Sony Music
2011: 'Jack Irish' - Bad Debts Domestic Drama Essential Media
2011 : 'Jack Irish' - Black Tides Domestic Drama Essential Media
2011 : 'Journey to Odelle' Domestic Drama
2010-2011 : 'Nosferatu Rising' Domestic Drama Fx Studio
2010-2011: 'The Killer Elite' International Drama Ambience
2011 : 'The Straits' Domestic Drama Bala Pictures
2010: 'Ballad of a Young Married Man' Domestic Drama www.imagewordandmotioncom
2010: 'Nothing' Domestic Drama www.imagewordandmotioncom
2010: 'Singularity' Domestic Drama Corsan/Limelight
2009-2010 : 'Sue Ellen' Domestic Drama
2009-2010 : 'The Edge of Reality' Domestic Comedy 403 Productions
2010 : Terra Nova International Drama Dreamworks
2009 : 'East West 101' Domestic Drama East West
2008-2009 : 'The Pacific' International Drama Playtone/Dreamworks
2005: 'Hercules' Domestic Drama Coote/Hayes
2004 : 'House of Wax' International Drama House of Wax
2003: 'Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid' International Comedy Screen Gems
2001-2002 : Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions International Drama Matrix
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