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Drew Rhodes

Location Manager, Location Supervisor
2020: Road To Boston International Drama Road To Boston Films (Korea) Location Supervisor
2019: Halifax: Retribution Domestic Drama Nine Network Location Supervisor
2019: Secret Bridesmaids' Business Domestic Drama Seven Studios Location Supervisor
2018: Mustangs FC Domestic Comedy/Drama Matchbox Pictures Location Supervisor
2017: The Wrong Girl Domestic Drama 60mins Network Ten Location Supervisor
2017: Guilty Domestic Documentary Savage Films Location Manager
2016 : Seven Types of Ambiguity Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Location Supervisor
2016: The Leftovers Series 3 International Drama HBO Productions Location Manager
2015: Barracuda Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Location Manager
2015: Open Slather Domestic Comedy Foxtel / Princess Pictures Location Manager
2015: The Divorce Domestic Comedy Princess Pictures Location Manager
2014: The Dressmaker Domestic Drama Film Art Media Location Supervisor
2012-2014: House Husbands Domestic Drama Playmaker Location Manager
2011-2012: I, Frankenstein (Int) International Drama Hopscotch Features / Lakeshore Entertainment Location Manager
2011: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama Drama, ABC TV / Every Cloud Productions Location Manager
2011: The Slap Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Location Manager
2010-2011: Twentysomething Domestic Comedy High Wire Films / Cabbage Films Location Manager
2010: City Homicide Domestic Drama Seven Network Productions
2009: Animal Kingdom Domestic Drama Porchlight Films Location Manager
2009: Satisfaction Domestic Drama Showtime Productions Location Manager
2008: Charlie and Boots Domestic Drama Instinct Entertainment Location Manager
2008: Dirt Game Domestic Drama ABC TV / Harvey Taft Location Manager
2008: My Year Without Sex Domestic Comedy My Year Productions Location Manager
2007-2008: The Pacific International Drama HBO Productions Location Manager
2006: Storm Warning Domestic Drama Resolution Independent Location Manager
2005-2006: Nightmares and Dreamscapes (Int) International Drama Coote Hayes Productions Location Manager
2005: Ghost Rider (Int) International Drama Columbia Pictures Entertainment Location Manager
2003-2004: Stingers Domestic Drama Nine Films and Television Location Manager
2002-2003: MDA Domestic Drama ABC TV Location Manager
2003: Strange Bedfellows Domestic Drama Instinct Entertainment Location Manager
2001-2002: The Secret Life of Us Domestic Drama West Street Productions Location Manager

Brendan Campbell

Producer, Line Producer
2017-2018: Romper Stomper Domestic Drama 6 x 50mins Roadshow Line Producer
2017: Oddlands Domestic Drama 25 mins Back To Back Producer
2016 - 2017: Glitch 2 Domestic Drama 6 x 50mins Matchbox Line Producer
2016: Seven Types of Ambiguity Domestic Drama 6 x 50 mins Matchbox Line Producer
2014-2015: MOLLY Domestic Drama 2 x 90mins Pop Machine (Mushroom) Line Producer
2013-2014 : Time of Our Lives Series 2 Domestic Drama 8 x 50mins Jahm Pictures Line Producer
2013 : Cut Snake Domestic Drama 90mins Matchbox Line Producer
2013 : The Nowhere Boys Domestic Drama 13 x 30mins Matchbox Line Producer
2012 : The Time of Our Lives Domestic Drama 13 x 60mins Jahm Pictures Line Producer
2011-2012 : Winners & Losers (2) Domestic Drama Seven Network Unit Production Manager (UPM)
2011 : John Doe Domestic Drama 90mins N/A 1st Assistant Director
2009: Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2nd Unit) International Drama Walden Media 1st Assistant Director
2008 : Aliens in the Attic (2nd Unit) International Drama 110mins Fox 1st Assistant Director
2008 : The Loved Ones Domestic Drama 90mins, Ambient 1st Assistant Director
2007 : Bed of Roses Domestic Drama ABC 1st Assistant Director
2007 : Underbelly Domestic Drama Screentime 1st Assistant Director
2005 : Ghost Rider (2nd Unit) International Drama Sony 1st Assistant Director
2004: Pobby & Dingan Domestic Drama Academy & Sherman Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2004: Three Dollars Domestic Drama Arena Films 1st Assistant Director
2002 : Ned Kelly (2nd Unit) Domestic Drama Our Sunshine Production Manager
2002 : Ned Kelly (2nd Unit) Domestic Drama Unknown 1st Assistant Director
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